In the final episode of ‘The Special’ from The Retail Exchange podcast, we discuss this year’s explosive growth in grocery eCommerce retail, and look ahead as the sector prepares for December festivities.

Grocery retailers have stepped up to the plate in 2020. But as shoppers ready themselves to shop online for their festive food favourites this year, who are set to be the winners and losers this Christmas, and why?

Host Martin Popplewell is joined by guests to analyse what impact a ‘Covid Christmas’ is likely to have on grocery retailer’s home delivery solutions. We ask what grocery retailers can do as they attempt to up-weight their eCommerce experience to build customer loyalty. And explore the technological advances that are powering e-commerce growth behind the scenes.

Featuring guests Luke Jensen, CEO of Ocado Solutions, David Clements, Global Retail Director at Dunnhumby, and Chris Carter CEO of Melody.



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